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Align Construction Renovates Don't Go Hungry Headquarters

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

By Deborah Deacon

In early June, someone reached out to the Don't Go Hungry Food Program and asked how she could help with the program. Noticing she worked with a construction company (Align Construction), Coordinator Laurie McKay asked whether they might provide insulation at the headquarters, as our food was only stored behind studded walls. Later that week, a project manager stopped by. McKay thought they were measuring the walls and assess how much insulation was needed.

Less than a month from that first email, the entire entryway and storage space has been transformed. New flooring, widened doorways, drywall installed, walls painted, new pot lights, counters, 3 sinks, shelving (courtesy of Sobeys!), and a new fridge and stand up freezer donated by Align Construction. They also secured the site by replacing rotting posts. And if all of that wasn't enough, they contributed a huge amount of baby formula, diapers, vitamins, and baby wipes.

Align's work at the Don't Go Hungry Headquarters was also supported and assisted by High Point Electric, Sobeys, Outline Millwork, Baptista Plumbing, CM Environmental, and Groome Flooring. These compassionate companies have given generously and we cannot thank them enough.

What a difference a construction company can make in feeding the hungry! Their support has allowed Don't Go Hungry to store the many donations in a secure, finished space. The renovated receiving area and store is now very functional, clean, bright, and stocked. The new fridge and freezer allowed the program to expand the fresh produce and meats/dairy/eggs that they could distribute to our growing list of households. Ask anyone at the program: Align Construction's compassion and community support has been overwhelming.

When the program first began at St. Aidan's, there were 4 households receiving food. As of February 2021, they are feeding around 1000 people with groceries at 4 sites. Knowing that as a second wave of the virus is anticipated in the fall, even more people will be pushed into using the food program, and program coordinators are better equipped to meet that need, thanks to Align.

Today, Don't Go Hungry received referrals for 6 families that require formula and diapers. Thanks to Align Construction's generous donation of these items, they are already being used.

"I cannot fully articulate what a difference your work has had on the program and on me. The compassion of your company has raised the compassion of the community towards each other and encouraged a small group to make a large difference." - Program Coordinator Laurie McKay

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